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The Berkeley Spire is the Clairvision School's home in the East Bay. It holds weekly classes in meditation and other topics as developed over 25 years of mapping consciousness. The Spire has a large meditation space, a great room for gatherings, and smaller rooms for talks and IST practices.


Awakening the Third Eye
not your standard meditation training

Jun 6-7 Saturday 9:30am - 5pm Sunday 9:30am - 4pm $225 early bird $195 before May 23rd student $80 refresher $125

Learn Third Eye Meditation

Your daily foundation

Super Sleep

20 minute anytime reset

Dynamic Awareness

Stay clear and calm through your day.

Spiritual Seeking in the 21st Century

Reflections on being a modern seeker.

Grounding your Energy

Sealing for energetic protection.

Meditative Stillness

Bring a stability back out into the world with you.


Winds of Change

A three part series designed to complement the other introductory material of the Clairvision School: Meditation, Portal to Inner Worlds and the book Awakening the Third Eye. You can find excerpts from the Awakening the Third Eye here.